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Erin Hammerstedt


Growing up, my family made a point of eating dinner together, and some of my fondest childhood memories are of baking cookies with my dad. After my parents divorced, my mother married into a family of New England Italians. This brought an entirely new dimension to family dinners, especially during the holidays. We eagerly anticipated these special meals, not only because they were delicious and took days to prepare, but also because of what these gatherings symbolized.

When someone invests their time and energy into creating a remarkable meal that is physically fleeting, but also enduring as a memory and emotion, they express love. This is why I'm passionate about sharing good food with family, friends, and clients. 

At Hilltop Kitchen, I'm committed to "feeding memories" by bringing that care and a lifetime of experience across several careers to bear in preparing inspired meals that allow your special day to be just the way you want it to be. 

I was introduced to the service industry when I waited tables in college, before helping a friend start a barbecue restaurant and becoming a licensed bartender--but my primary career has been in historic preservation. As the Executive Director for Historic Harrisville, I love exploring the quality and character of old buildings and learning the story behind them as I steward them through this generation and onto the next. While food is the counterpoint to historic buildings – existing only briefly rather than lasting lifetimes – some of the basic principles are the same. I use real, time-tested ingredients to create food with quality that, like the bones of buildings, is essential to and enhances one’s experience. I will collaborate with you to uncover your preferences, budget, and overall vision and then design a custom food experience that is just right for your event.

Please contact me for more information on pricing, menus, and availability. I look forward to helping you create a remarkable, memorable day!


Judy Mortner


Judy is an event chef, private cook and caterer from Cambridge, Massachusetts, who has done everything from formal weddings to backyard barbecues to gourmet box lunches for 500. Judy loves Harrisville and loves creating seasonally inspired dinners for the public, sourcing all the delicious foods the region has to offer

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The Aldworth Manor Team

The kitchen is an integral part of Aldworth Manor, and while we realize you have other regional options for catering and dining, we are happy to be able provide a seamless, high-quality experience for you right here on the hilltop.

While Aldworth Manor has graced Harrisville since 1908, the Long family has breathed new life into it since they purchased it in 2014. Shane Long, his parents Roger and Tammy, and his brother Jordan, purchased the estate with the intention of giving Aldworth the dignity it deserves and preserving this important part of New England’s rich history with the help of friends and family.

Read more about Aldworth Manor here.

Left to Right: Tim, Teresa, Erin, Tammy, and Shane

Left to Right: Tim, Teresa, Erin, Tammy, and Shane